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About the owner Peppe

Owner and pizzaiolo Giuseppe Errichiello is known as Peppe.

Born in Naples in 1984.
From the age of 12, he helped out at his uncle's pizzeria, and at the age of 16 he decided to become a pizzaiolo.
He wanted to spread Neapolitan pizza overseas, so he came to Japan in 2006, gained experience, and opened Pizzeria da peppe NAPOLI STA 'CA' in Kamiyacho in 2011. .

In 2015, we opened our second store, Pizzeria da peppe NAPOLI STA' CA'' Komazawa store.

In 2018, Peppe's constant desire to try something new led them to introduce contemporary pizza to Japan.
*Although it was already popular in Italy, it was still new to everyone in Japan.

In 2023, we will open our third store, RistoPizza by Napoli sta ca, a ristorante pizzeria that represents a new vision for Napoli sta ca.
*Won 3rd place in Asia at 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific 2024.

Peppe is one of the pizzaiolo who continues to attract attention from all over the world.




Gambero Rosso – 3 Spicchi


Gambero Rosso – 3 Spicchi


Gambero Rosso – 3 Spicchi


Gambero Rosso – 3 Spicchi


Gambero Rosso – 3 Spicchi

Gambero rosso – Best pizzeria overseas

50 Top Pizza – Best Neapolitan pizza outside of Italy

50 Top Pizza – Best in Japan Prosecco DOC Award


Gambero Rosso – 3 Spicchi

50 Top Pizza – N 4 Asia Pacific Award

50 Top Pizza – N 23 World Best Pizzerias


Gambero Rosso – 3 Spicchi

50 Top Pizza – N 3 Asia Pacific Award

50 Top Pizza – Source of Inspiration 2023 – Stefano Ferrara Forni Award

What is Gambero Rosso ?

Gambero Rosso is an Italian wine magazine published by GRHSpA, an Italian gourmet publisher. Gambero Rosso publishes a rating guide for Italian and international restaurants that serve wine, dinner and pizza.

The pizza made by owner Giuseppe Ericchiello has been rated ``3 Spicchi'' by Gambero Rosso, which is equivalent to three stars in the Michelin Guide.

What is 50 Top Pizza ?

50 Top Pizza is a ranking of Italy-based restaurants specializing in pizza.

50 Top Pizza publishes regional and global rankings every year. The judges are 1,000 anonymous judges made up of food journalists, gourmets, and pizza enthusiasts who judge restaurants on the quality of food, service, wine, decor, atmosphere, and more.

The pizza made by owner Giuseppe Ericchiello has been ranked among the top five in Asia for three consecutive years until 2024!