authentic italian food



A comfortable space bathed in bright light with a refreshing Neapolitan blue theme.

In a lively and lively shop where many different languages are spoken, just like the real Naples, the smiles on the faces of our customers are an important element in creating Pizzeria da peppe NAPOLI STA' CA.

We value the spirit of our customers as an important family, and we would like to provide delicious meals, fun conversations, and memorable moments to bring smiles to the faces of families.

Kamiyacho branch is a casual pizzeria where you can casually enjoy Neapolitan pizza.
In addition, the Komazawa store was born as a pizzeria inspired by a trattoria, where you can enjoy eating with friends in casual clothes.

As the name "Napolistaka! " (this place is in Naples!) suggests, the cheerful Italian staff and the Italian music playing inside the restaurant will liven up the Italian mood. Please enjoy the flavor and voluminous food that rivals the authentic cuisine.