Enjoy "contemporary pizza" restaurant style.

Ristorante pizzeria "RistoPizza" was born as a new vision of 'NAPOLI STA' CA"'.

You can enjoy restaurant-style "contemporary pizza",which is popular in Naples.
We want to be a pioneer as a restaurant rather than a pizzeria by offering new styles and enjoying our customers.

In addition, "RistoPizza" is a restaurant that aims for the best performance with special dishes and carefully selected ingredients.

We look forward to your visit.

About the owner Peppe

Giuseppe Ericchiello is known by his nickname Peppe.

And with this name he began his own adventure: 'Peppe – Napoli sta ca'. The art of pizza making has long roots in his family, so it was only natural for him to continue this activity after moving to Japan in 2006.

After gaining experience in several restaurants, he began to rise to prominence and opened his first restaurant in Kamiyacho in 2011.

RistoPizza by Napoli sta ca

Azabudai Hills Tower Plaza 3F, 1-3-1 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0041


regular closing day


If Monday is a national holiday, the store will be open on Monday and closed the following day.

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